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A HOUSE OF STUDY where God’s Teaching and Instruction is taught to Empower, Equip, and Enhance Your Life for greater positioning in God’s Government!

Connecting the Past to the Present

Facilitated Course

Bible History Intro is a facilitated orientation class that prepares students for our live fifteen week course. Our goal is to share with you what Bible History is and is not and how to connect reality to Bible History. This course explores the basic foundations of Scripture from its origin roots.

Our Biblical Learning Center is designed to teach people to go deeper into the origin of Scripture, create life changing experiences, and transform their way of thinking.  We encourage you to study with us so that you can approach life with real application for greater potential benefits of Heaven on Earth.

What are you waiting for?

HCOG-STBM is a Leader when it comes to helping people:

Build Character. Maximize Potential. Change their Thinking Process.

Repair the World!

We have multiple online and in-person services to help you learn more about YOUR Biblical History.

Think Hebraically
Eat Kosher
Get stronger
Grow Faster
Improve lifestyle
6,000 Years

from the beginning of the world

1,260 Days

encompassing the world

42 Months

around the world

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